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Co-WIN Training Course

Module 1: Operation and maintenance of Automatic Weather Station (AWS)

Introduction to AWS, measurement of weather elements, and Co-WIN web interface.(Oct 20, 2010)
Suggestions on site selection and installation requirements for accurate measurement
Schematic diagram showing suggestions on the dimension of the fixtures for integrated sensor suite and anemometer
A complete step-by-step guide on how to setup and configure the automatic weather station, Vantage console, and WeatherLink software
Checklist in table form for administrators to keep record. This is a concise version of the Checklist for Operating the Automatic Weather Station (Full version)
Troubleshooting advice on commonly encountered problems with the AWS hardware.

Module 2: Software for Automatic Weather Station (AWS), generation of Intranet weather webpage and transmission of data to Co-WIN

Overview of Co-WIN data transmission, step-by-step instructions on installing, configuring and updating WeatherLink, webpage generation using WeatherLink, commonly encountered software problems, and technical support information.
The instruction of setting up weather webpage is in fact included in the WeatherLink folder. It is a step-by-step guide for layman. It is located at:
(with UV and solar radiation sensor - Vantage Pro Plus)
%WeatherLink%\Sample Templates\Current Vantage Pro Plus\Template Descriptions.rtf
(without UV and solar radiation sensor - Vantage Pro)
%WeatherLink%\Sample Templates\Current Vantage Pro\Template Descriptions.rtf
Step-by-step guide on how to install the S/W MEDALS NV Version 2
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